The Best Gift Ever...

Gifting the Freq Experience


We believe that true freedom, as it relates to wealth, is having a neutral or elevated relationship with money. It becomes an endless resource in your life, a natural extension of who you are. Wealth is not something you do, it's something you become. It's a state of beingness.


This is for the women awakening to their power to create wealth through thought, spoken word, and emotion. Freq was designed to create a luxurious & aesthetic ritual experience to enhance your manifestation process.


We cultivated the entire experience. Just show up and follow the tangible energy. What that looks like:

NO. 1 Scan the QR code on the back of every bottle to  select a guided wealth visualization, where we'll begin to  reprogram the subconscious.

NO. 2 Prepare your ritual space and anchor in the manifestation mantra: "See It. Speak It. Know It. Have It." May the beliefs we burn light the way.











NO. 3 Choose your enhanced visualization tool. Use daily to drop into powerful meditations and visualizations to help train your body to feel safe around new levels of success. You want it? You got it, faster than ever!

No. 3 Feel every detail of having  already done it... now seal it with a mist. When you feel it, the universe will reveal it.










*Use code "FUCKAWISHLIST" for $30 off when you purchase all four products from the Frequency of Wealth Collection.


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