Frequency Infused Nostalgic Manifesting Mist - She Makes Bank
Frequency Infused Nostalgic Manifesting Mist - She Makes Bank
Frequency Infused Nostalgic Manifesting Mist - She Makes Bank
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Frequency Infused Nostalgic Manifesting Mist - She Makes Bank

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Each Freq Ritual was designed to enhance our custom manifestation steps, "See it. Speak it. Know it. Have it.", to help you manifest faster than ever.

Easier said than done, right?” You think exciting thoughts of wealth, but when the sugar rush wears off, your body tells you, ‘No, this isn’t safe’. That is just your conditioning settling back in, but where Freq shines. Our tools and signature process teaches your body to feel safe around this new vision of the future - allowing your inner magic to come alive.” says founder, Andrea Crowder.

Part of the She Makes Bank collection, our Frequency Infused Nostalgic Manifesting Mist is a tool designed to normalize the feeling of wealth in the body.

Nostalgia represents the completed past, while manifestation represents the desired future. By anchoring nostalgia and manifestation together in this unique blend, we are able to help create a feeling of certainty around your unlimited wealth potential.

Utilizing a patented technology, our scientists infuse a sophisticated blend of high frequencies into each bottle to enhance your experience, while simultaneously creating an "effervescent and uplifting" sensation within the body.

THE PERFECT EXPERIENCE: Pair with our Manifesting Bath Salts or Manifesting Elixir and custom guided "SHE MAKES BANK" visualization (a digital download that comes with every product.)


The perfect blend of feminine and masculine top notes supported by the hopeful and inspired Jasmine and grounding Palo Santo. Middle notes treat you to a heartwarming experience of Rose and grounding spiritual support of Frankincense. A light base of Ylang-Ylang, Cypress and Petitgrain for calming, inner peace and certainty in self.


Ritual Use: Anchor in Knowingness Anywhere

Collection: She Makes Bank

Affirmation: "I am unwavering in my self-worth & net worth."

Frequencies For: Certainty in Worth & Wealth

118 ml/4 oz. Natural Essential Oil Blend

Shake gently before use as natural separation may occur.

Made in the USA with ethically sourced ingredients.


White Rose Purification
Diamond & Sapphire Worth
Ruby & 24k Gold Wealth


Ultra Purified Quartz Infused Water Amplifies intentions

Rose Water

Rose Damascena

Highest vibrational flower; Connects with matters of the heart

Sandalwood Water

Sandalum Album

Relaxes; Soothes

Jasmine Absolute Oil

Jasminum Officinale Absolute

Decreases stress; Uplifts mood; Boosts concentration

Palo Santo

Bursera Graveolens

Grounds; Supports emotional balance; Cleanses energetic environments

Organic Frankincense

Boswellia Serrata

Grounds spiritual experiences; Increases satisfaction & inner peace


Canaga Adorata

Calms environments

Organic Cypress

Cupressus Sempervierens L

Grounds; Boosts motivation


Citrus Aurantium L. Var Amara

Calms nerves




  • Frequency Infused Manifesting Bath Salts - She Makes Bank
  • Frequency Infused Manifesting Elixir - She Makes Bank

*This product is intended to be used as a manifestation tool. It's not intended to be used as a perfume therefore we did not include any unsafe ingredients that tend to extend the life of a scent once on your skin.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
April Cahill
Up levels your manifestations!

Only use this if you are READY for your manifestations to UP LEVEL! This is by far my FAVORITE tool for manifesting! I am getting the bath salts with my next order! Stop thinking about it & purchase it!

Lauren Robinson
Just go ahead and buy the whole set

I immediately integrated this trio into my manifestation/meditation/prayer routine. In only a few days, I had already I had already embodied quite a bit more quite a bit more than I was expecting. The bath salts are perfect for just being. The elixir is a perfect way of literally and metaphorically becoming. The mist is omg for 1-capturing the feeling of luxury and 2-having a distinctly elegant and expensive smell. It took me a few days to appreciate the scent, but now I love it. It's subtle. The mist is also imperative for recapturing that vibe ESPECIALLY when thought of luxury/sales in my business occur, or just when I'm feeling great is another perfect time to spray it. With all that being said, like I said in the first place-- just buy the set. The items really get the manifestation pipes more open.

Nathalia Copeland
5-STAR Service From the CEO

My first mug got damaged but Andrea, the ceo, was SO sweet in correcting the issue and sending me another one along with a handwritten note. She also sent me the manifesting mist which was a very nice surprise and great to use during my morning meditation. Thanks so much! 🧡

Katie Woodruff
Treat yourself with these products, you won’t regret it!

Just with the excitement of purchasing these products I manifested $200. The bath salts are divine, I didn't want to get out of the bath even after 45 mins and the spray I want to use as perfume it smells so good!

The Snuggit Company
Instantly attracted :dizzy:

This purchase was an absolute no-brainer for me! I knew the second I saw it that it was something that was going to elevate my daily routines!
It definitely did not disappoint, from the moment my package arrived the branding was so beautiful and so on point! I have parts of the package framed in my home it’s beautiful.
The product is worth every penny. I use the elixir when I want to go deeper into my meditations. I keep the frequency infused missed in my office and use it on the daily it is to create those super high Anchoring Energetic vibes as I work on my growing business:sparkling_heart:
Not to mention the connection that the brand has with its owner andrea she is so knowledgable and Present within her brand it’s great to Be able to have a tangible experience with a brand as special as Freq :sparkling_heart: