She Makes Bank Collection

Affirmation No. 1

"I am unwavering in my self-worth & net worth."

Andrea Crowder, Freq founder, states it perfectly; “We believe the world needs more good-hearted women with deep pockets”. The founders understand that women holding massive wealth is rare and unusual in today’s world, and they are here to not only change the game, but normalize it. “We need way more women in a position of financial power to make change,” says co-founder Danielle Bigby. Their mission is to create a solution to women feeling comfortable and worthy around holding wealth. Truth be told, only a few generations have passed since the idea of

women having careers; and prior to that, they were rarely consulted around financial decisions. Even today, women in the United States possess just 32 cents to every dollar that a man possesses. Although we live in a different world, inequality around money is still very prevalent in many areas. “The internet has helped even out the playing field, and if you are a woman who is willing to do the work in finding confidence around money, the sky is the limit. Freq Rituals exists to support.”