An Interview with Manifesting Queen- Veronica Testa

One morning as we were going through social media and catching up on all the dreamy posts, reels, and stories you beauties tag us in and one message in our DMs hit us right in the feels!

 @veronicatestacoach wrote:

Yes. Yes! YES!! We are SO here for this!

Always available for a story (especially about women + wealth) we sat down with this Italian goddess to the full scoop on all things rituals and manifesting!

So grab a mug to sip on while we spill the tea! 🖤

Here's what happened: 

Freq: What was your manifesting process like before Freq?

Veronica: I love to manifest through my journaling ritual, I use vision boards too. I also incorporate EFT tapping to release limiting beliefs.
I'm deepening my knowledge about subconscious's mind work through the certification program I've recently joined, and I'm trying out all of the tools I'm learning. I'm so so passionate about manifestation.

Freq: What part of the Freq Rituals do you think created the biggest transformation for you personally?

Veronica: I think the ritual with the candle. It's been very powerful to release everything no longer serving me.
But I think the habit of doing this rituals is what actually allows me to build up
my new identity and manifest new things into my life.
Freq: Do you have a favorite product?
Veronica: I love the "Nostalgic Manifesting Mist" so so much because I usually spray it before my sales calls and sessions with my clients to match the frequency of the wealthy woman I am.
Freq: What have you manifested since starting to use Freq?
Veronica: Within two weeks of using the products daily, I've manifested a new unexpected client paying in full for a total of $1200. I've also felt confident enough to make an investment of +5k into my business.

I've been listening to the "I could never spend it all" meditation to ground my energy into the feeling of having more than enough money, and since then my income has gone up and I'm able to keep +5k on my bank account (never had more than $1000). That is a 500% increase!
Wasn't that dreamy? We loved hearing how consistent rituals are creating such a huge impact in her life! 

Do you have a freq story we can highlight?  Reach out to us into the DMs to share your story @freqrituals!

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