See it. Speak it. Know it. Have it.

The four-step practice that is enhancing the way we manifest.

While there are complex scientific processes that go into the production of the Freq products, we worked extremely hard to keep your job in the experience as simple as possible.” With that in mind, each tool was designed to enhance the custom Freq manifestation steps below, to help you manifest faster than ever.

SEE IT. Visualize Envision the experience you want to manifest
SPEAK IT. Affirm Switch up your language according to your goals
KNOW IT. Feel Embody new feelings to match your ambitions
HAVE IT. Act Align your actions to position yourself to receive.


Easier said than done, right? You think thoughts of wealth, but when the sugar rush wears off, your body tells you ‘No, this isn’t safe’. That is just your conditioning settling back in, but where Freq shines. Our tools and signature process teaches your body to feel safe around this new vision of the future- allowing your inner magic to come alive.