The Freq Rituals Brand

An Artistry in Manifestation

A women-owned company, Freq Rituals creates high frequency experiences to help normalize the feeling of wealth, freedom, and love in the body. Their modern manifestation tools are designed to help free your body of any restricting thoughts, patterns, and beliefs; taking those feelings from new to déjà vu. Utilizing patented technology, scientists infuse a sophisticated blend of frequencies into each Freq Ritual product; creating a unique, elevated, and more efficient manifesta- tion experience. In alignment with Joe Dispenza’s statement on manifestation, “The thought sends the signal out and the feeling draws the experience back to you”, Freq Rituals sets a new modern standard around a timeless spiritual practice.  


With the perfect blend of intention, aesthetic, science, psychology, and spirituality, we like to say she's a "faithful fairy godmother meets forever hype woman”.

The best part? You’re the fairy godmother; this is your story to write and your wishes to grant. Freq is here to be your ultimate hype woman; not only as a tool to assist you, but as a resource to educate and a community to cheer you on. The brand was created to provide a beautiful ritual experience as you master the art of taking a non-physical desire and calling it into the physical. The perfect blend of practical and spiritual - delivered right to your door.

“Our vision is to get Freq Rituals into the hands of at least 6,000 women in the brand’s first year. With this, 10% of our profits will be leveraged to serve underprivileged youth/women with educational resources and skill sets that will widen their opportunity to fully flourish.”

And that’s just the beginning. Phase two of Freq’s giveback mission is to bring manifestation and visualization to on-the-ground organizations, and to teach youth about energetics and embodiment through a free digital library. The mission-driven co-founders know the impor- tance of this practice in society, “It’s crucial that every human-being understands they are more powerful than their current limitations”.