A Potent + Simple New Years Eve Ritual

Mini rituals have a big impact -- especially when we embody them together. Soooo... wanna do one together?

We believe, "The potency of a single intention is ***multiplied exponentially*** when shared by two or more hearts." #quotable 

This means that when we hold a vision in the energy of our heart and hold it together... its magnetism is indescribable and fast. It's like when throwing a ball to a golden retriever and they return it to you with a bonus side of slobbery lover boy kisses before you can even say, "Fetch." The. Freakin. Best.

It's been a season of deep reflection within the Freq community.

We're looking back at the patterns and cycles that have been present in our lives in the past year/s and setting new intentions in motion for the new year.  

We invite you to be a part of a fast and simple ritual we can all do together as the countdown begins and the ball drops into the new year.  

You in?  If so, keep reading...

Step No. 1:

Do this any time on New Year's Eve.


  • 2 Pieces of Notebook Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Lighter and No. 8 Freq Candle or any candle
  • Fire-Proof Container

Bringing FORWARD: Pop some inspiring music in your ears to help you daydream. Sit down in a vibey clear space.

What are the things/habits/relationships/beliefs/desires you choose to carry forward or create in 2022?  What do you choose?  Write these down on the first piece of paper in the present tense. "I am so grateful that I am/have ____."

(Pro-tip) List out all the ways you appreciate them now. How do they look, feel, taste, smell, and sound?  Fold into a small square and hold it by your heart. (Or keep in your bra through the day! Take a moment here and there to anchor back in with appreciation. Head to our instagram post and share an intention with us so we can all visualize it together!

Leaving BEHIND: What are the things/habits/relationships/beliefs/thoughts that conflict with what you're bringing forward? What/who has convinced you to play small?  What has held you back from leveraging your most powerful self?  Write these down on the second piece of paper. 

☾ In a safe environment, light the Leaving BEHIND piece of paper on fire.  As you watch the flame engulf the old belief systems, the disempowering relationships, the harmful habits, say this mantra: "Thank you for the lessons you gave me, our time is complete. I surrender you to be transformed, with love and gratitude. This energy is freed now." For 30 min of deeper and potent subconscious work, open your private Freq community podcast app here and play the "Candle Manifestation Ritual" audio.

Think again of what you're bringing forward in detail. Feel every yummy detail of it. Now think of an inspirational symbol that represents this transformation. Draw it on your paper so the unconscious can see it and store it. If you have our 5-star Nostalgic Manifesting Mist, spray it now and anchor this vision of the future to it.

Good news...transformation has already begun!


Step No. 2:

Do this during the 10-second countdown to the new year. 

Supplies: NONE

Place your hand on your heart. Imagine everyone in the Freq community holding hands in a big circle. At the count of 10, we'll take a deep breath together and say these words: "This is who I am now. This is how I be. Let anything that doesn't match my vibration quietly fall away in the name of love. Goodbye. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Exhale powerfully.

Send an energetic wink to everyone who just spoke those words with you. Notice if your hands are vibrating, feeling the energy of the collective community.

Come stop by Instagram and share your experience!

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