Rituals for ADHD

Rituals for ADHD


If my rituals aren’t “in my way” in my environment — I forget to use the tools I have. What I can’t see - doesn’t exist for me (this is known as object permanence.)

My husband used to go crazy because I have to leave things on the counter in a place that’s obnoxious to me, so I’ll remember to take care of simple things like — pay the bills. 

These are ADHD characteristics. I went undiagnosed most of my life because I’m so high functioning. That’s because I’m so obsessed with setting up my environment in ways that keep tasks that have a significant impact — in my path.

Every detail that went into creating Freq was to help solve this problem for myself.

I know how good I feel when I meditate, journal, set intentions, etc! Why wasn’t I doing it as much as I wanted?

You too? 

There’s an immediate reward when I’ve done them. But all of my “spiritual” tools were… ugly in my personal opinion. They didn’t match my aesthetic in my home. So I kept them in drawers. And guess what - I forgot they existed. 

I wanted this line of tools to feel like luxury at a reasonable price and be neutral enough to fit into most people's environments so that you’d want to keep them on the counter where you’d remember to use them.

I have collections of Freq tools in several different parts of my home and always in a travel bag so that my unconscious patterns are constantly being interrupted by their presence in my life.

That’s also why we created the free manifestation challenge where we’ll text you daily for 10 days after you first get your products. Sign up here!

We’re constantly thinking about packaging, aesthetics, rituals, and tools we can use to pull you back into the present moment and feel excited and rewarded for taking a mindful moment to work on the inner game of normalizing the feelings of wealth, freedom, and love in your body.

Because when you know it, the universe will show it. 

Every detail was selected with your success in mind. Ours too! We love you. We’re in this together. 

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 The Daily Ritual Bundle


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  • Thank you for this!! My ADHD makes it so hard to meditate, visualize, and journal on a regular basis and the 10d challenge is so helpful! Also, learning that others have been able to circumvent some of these struggles, is really encouraging!!


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